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Well construction

Optimize your planning and increase your operational drilling performance and efficiency

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Transform the way you design your wells

Our well construction solutions enable seamless collaboration, instantly validate engineering, and generate smarter designs and programs in minutes. Connect multiple disciplines and workflows in one accessible environment for improved well construction planning and execution capabilities.

Our products and services

  • DrillPlan
    Coherent well construction planning solution

    Maximize your team's results by giving them access to all the data and science they need in a single, common system. View link button arrow

  • DrillOps on-target well delivery solution
    On-target well delivery solution

    Ensure rigs are operating at peak performance throughout the execution of the digital drilling plan. View link button arrow

  • Chart showing drilling performance analysis.
    DELFI Drilling Interpretation
    Advanced drilling analysis for remote decision support

    Increase operational efficiency and performance, define KPIs, and conduct advanced monitoring. View link button arrow

  • Drilling Insights
    Drilling Insights
    Intelligent well data solutions

    Access and integrate all your real-time and historical well data to improve drilling performance and to provide insights for subsequent planning. View link button arrow

  • Data showing transient modeling to understand gas distributions.
    Dynamic drilling simulation software

    Dynamic drilling simulations for pressure control, well control, and managed and underbalanced operations. View link button arrow

  • Wellbarrier software schedmatics.
    Wellbarrier Well Integrity Life Cycle Solution
    Well barrier and well integrity software

    Support decision making, safeguard well activities, and provide a structured framework to manage well integrity. View link button arrow