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Cementing services

Achieve long-term zonal isolation in any environment

Cementing Services

Cement supports and protects well casings and helps achieve zonal isolation. Critical to safer, environmentally sound, and profitable wells, zonal isolation is created and maintained in the wellbore by the cementing process. Whatever your drilling environment or however remote the location, our innovative cementing technologies offer you a range of cementing solutions to achieve zonal isolation for the life of your well.

Cement Solutions

Achieve zonal isolation for the life of your well.

  • Cementing
    Adaptive Cement Systems
    Maintain zonal isolation even as conditions vary

    Ensure well zonal integrity from drilling through abandonment with a competent annular pressure seal that prevents hydrocarbon leaks. View link button arrow

  • Gas Migration Control - card
    Gas Migration Control
    Risk evaluation and tailored solutions

    Effectively cement gas-bearing formations and prevent annular gas flow with proper density control, mud removal, and slurry design. View link button arrow

  • Deepwater Cementing Technologies
    Deepwater Cementing Technologies
    Ensure zonal isolation and casing integrity

    Understand deepwater technical challenges and design cementing solutions that meet deepwater specifications. View link button arrow

  • Standard cement slurries require water to fill the void between particles. CemCRETE slurries fill the interparticle void with more solids, giving superior cement properties.
    Concrete-based oilwell cementing technology

    Develop high-quality cementing solutions for each type of well environment. View link button arrow

Cement Evaluation

Noninvasively confirm annular barrier and bond between the casing and cement with acoustic sonic and ultrasonic insight.

Cement Software

Evaluate all parameters for the zonal isolation you require in all types of wells and casing.

Lost Circulation

Bridge thief zones that can lead to lost circulation while drilling and cementing.

Mud Removal

Remove drilling fluids prior to cementing operations and achieve long-term zonal isolation.

Cementing Equipment

Cementing technology designed for the most challenging well environments.

  • Cutout of the CPS 977 cement pumping skid
    Skid-Mounted Cementing Units
    Increased mixing rate capabilities

    Perform high-pressure pumping services with increased mixing rates that minimize job time. View link button arrow

  • Batch Mixers
    Batch Mixers
    Large-volume solutions for uniform cement slurry

    Mix large volumes of uniform cement slurry and significantly reduce fluctuations in cement density. View link button arrow

  • Cutout image of the CPF-577 double-pump cement trailer
    Cement Trucks and Trailers
    Rugged, low-maintenance cementing units

    Simplify operations year-round in harsh environments. View link button arrow

  • CMP-756 remote control liquid additive system
    Liquid Additive Systems
    Preprogrammable modular systems

    Preprogram multiple additives and maintain additive concentrations with a high degree of accuracy. View link button arrow

  • Photo of the SlurryAirSeparator tool installed and a cutaway diagram showing the flowpath and critical components of the tool
    Mechanical cement slurry defoamer

    Improve slurry quality with environmental compliance, and eliminate foaming problems. View link button arrow

  • DeepSea EXPRES Offshore Plug Launching System
    DeepSea EXPRES
    Subsea cementing head

    Improve safety for remote operations and save time during rig-up and cementing execution. View link button arrow

  • SFM - card - truck
    Solids fraction monitor

    Achieve real-time slurry quality control. View link button arrow

  • Saltel Xpandable ECP cementing operations external casing packer
    External Casing Packer
    Based on Saltel Xpandable technology

    Set at low pressures to achieve zonal isolation. View link button arrow

  • Saltel Xpandable AZIP annular zonal isolation packer
    Saltel Annular Zonal Isolation Packer
    Using Saltel Xpandable technology

    Minimize costs and NPT with robust, high-pressure expandable steel annular packers that rapidly isolate zones, even in oval boreholes. View link button arrow

Cementing for Well Decommissioning

Well integrity technology for plug and abandonment (P&A).