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Production Valves

Proven high reliability and premium sealing for standard and critical applications

Silhouette of valve equipment at dusk.

As an industry leader in flow and pressure control equipment, we design, manufacture, test, install, and service premium gate valves with the highest degree of precision and quality.

Our valves are built to perform. Leading-edge sealing technology is incorporated into every design.

Our efforts to provide reliable valves carry over into customer service, a dedication to quality assurance, intensive service personnel training programs, and our global network of service facilities. Stringent procedures are followed to maintain valve integrity throughout service life.

Production tree in the field.
Cameron valves for upstream applications are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards.

API Spec 6A Valves and Actuators

Improve safety performance with ensured reliability.

Valve Types

Discover our valve designs and architectures.

  • a collection of ball vales in the field
    Ball Valves
    Reliable, bubble-tight sealing ideal for gas applications

    Demand zero leakage, even with frequent operation. View link button arrow

  • a butterfly valve in the field
    Butterfly Valves
    Long-term, maintenance-free performance

    Achieve fully bidirectional, zero-leakage shutoff. View link button arrow

  • Installation of PULSE CIMV.
    Chemical Injection Metering Valves
    Remotely operated, ROV-retrievable, self-regulating subsea chemical injection metering systems

    Redefine achievable accuracy with nonintrusive line-of-sight ultrasonic flowmetering. View link button arrow

  • a close up of a NEWCO stamp on a gate valve
    Gate, Globe, and Check Valves
    For standard and critical applications

    Choose from a range of cast, forged, and stainless steel valves. View link button arrow

  • Plug valve being maintenanced by Cameron employee inside the shop.
    Plug and Diverter Valves
    For tough, abrasive, and severe applications

    Achieve reliability in pipelines, liquid bulk terminals, aviation fueling, and refining. View link button arrow

  • Dog-in-window design of the compact insert-retrievable choke valve.
    Drilling, subsea, and production

    Manage wellbore pressure to maintain control in the event of a gas kick. View link button arrow

  • DYNATORQUE gears on a conveyor belt
    Gear Operators
    Standard and customized products

    Select from our wide range of products for thrust and nonthrust applications. View link button arrow

  • Cameron employee welding a DYNATORQUE handwheel.
    Valve Actuators and Accessories
    High-performance technologies to manage valve functionality

    Complement your valve setup with handwheels, spurs, miters, and more. View link button arrow

  • Mountains and greenery with a translucent outline of a pipeline
    Low-Emission Valves

    Select the right valves and maintain them properly to help prevent fugitive emissions. View link button arrow

Valve Services

Achieve total valve care from the valve leader.

  • Choke valve in the shop undergoing certification testing.
    Choke Certification Program
    OEM maintenance strategy

    Increase availability, reliability, and choke life. View link button arrow

  • Five choke valves in a line in the warehouse.
    Choke Erosion Monitoring
    Traffic-light-display of choke health

    Reduce unplanned downtime by making timely, proactive decisions. View link button arrow

  • Valves in production environment
    Reliability Engineering
    Technical expertise, management efficiency, responsiveness, and availability

    Maximize the uptime of products in the field while minimizing the total cost-of-ownership for process owners. View link button arrow

  • Cameron field technician tightening valve in the field.
    Total Valve Care (TVC)
    All types. All brands. All manufacturers.

    For greater flexibility and improved cost control, Cameron offers Total Valve Care (TVC) solutions. View link button arrow

  • Cameron field worker adjusting pressure on a WKM TOV valve
    Valve & Valve Automation Services
    From the valve leader

    Minimize premature failures. View link button arrow

Valve Brands

See our 20+ product families.

Valve Insights

Access a wealth of helpful information for all levels of experience.