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Production ExPRESS

Rapid production response solutions

Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions

Never lose a single barrel of production

Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions help you overcome temporary production challenges either in the field or at the production facility. No matter your challenge, Production ExPRESS solutions are fit to your objectives—whether you need an "express" early production facility (EPF), surface pressure boosting, fluid preconditioning, debottlenecking, or pipeline or facility commissioning and maintenance. This portfolio of solutions leverages Schlumberger's extensive domain expertise and surface well test equipment to quickly bring your production forward and avoid shutdowns. By using existing yet customizable and compact equipment, Production ExPRESS solutions reduce capex while ensuring cash flow and continuous well deliverability—even in remote locations.

Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions
Production ExPRESS solutions portfolio.
Express EPF
Express early production facility

Express EPF

Our “express” EPF solution enables you to start up production faster than a conventional EPF and can be deployed while a dedicated facility is being built for early cash flow. This mobile, efficient solution enables you to acquire additional reservoir information while fast-tracking hydrocarbon production, with effluents (basic sediment and water, H2S, salt, oil in water, and other impurities) meeting specified criteria. We facilitate early recovery by

  • processing and treating fluid, including heavy oil, emulsions, gas condensate, and water
  • stabilizing gas condensate to specified criteria
  • performing frac flowback and solids handling.
Surface Pressure Boosting
Surface pressure boosting equipment

Surface pressure boosting

We can design a fit-for-purpose production-boosting solution to revitalize mature wells quickly and cost efficiently. The solution enables you to overcome pressure challenges associated with well depletion, production systems limitations, and high line backpressure—improving your production performance.

Our standard surface well test equipment includes multiphase pumps with high gas volume fraction (GVF) to enable well unloading and production boosting in such way that the single- or multiphase effluent can be pumped into the production line.

Surface pressure boosting case studies and tech reports

  • Production ExPRESS solutions helped deliver production from a marginal well for 2.5 years.
    Low-Pressure Well Gets a Second Chance in Egypt

    Surface pressure boosting helped restore flow, enabling production of 1.2 million bbl of oil over 2.5 years. View link button arrow

Fluid Preconditioning
Fluid preconditioning

Fluid preconditioning

By combining advanced surface well test equipment, customization, and domain expertise, we create a more sustainable, fit-for-purpose fluid preconditioning solution to ensure fluid meets the plant’s acceptance criteria. Produced fluids are efficiently collected, separated, and treated—generating earlier returns and saving significant opex.

Fluid preconditioning case studies and tech reports

  • Separator trailer pictured at the site.
    Underbalanced Drilling Boosts Production in Mature Wells

    Custom-built flowback system increases mature well production by an average 278% across 10 wells. View link button arrow

  • Australian platform requiring high-flow-rate fluid preconditioning.
    Ultrahigh Separation Rate Cleans Up Wells Offshore Australia

    Contaminant-free production achieved at 150 MMcf/d through a dual-separator configuration. View link button arrow

  • Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions
    Sand Management Package Avoids Major Revenue Losses in Gabon

    Special treatment helped fluids meet facility limits on sand content and prevented pipeline erosion. View link button arrow

  • Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions
    Surface Well Test Solution Ensures Well Deliverability

    Production ExPRESS solutions clean up, test, treat, and control high-flow-rate gas condensate wells offshore. View link button arrow

  • Unconventional water treatment solution avoided shut-in and revived up to 4,000 bbl/d production in Iraq.
    Unique Water Treatment Solves Production Challenges in Iraq

    Unconventional water treatment solution avoided shut-in and revived up to 4,000 bbl/d production in Iraq. View link button arrow



Our debottlenecking solution enables you to increase plant capacity, so you can keep your operations running. We examine the overall operating conditions of your facility by comparing current operating parameters and system settings with the design specifications of process equipment. Our services include changing system parameters, advanced engineering, water separation from hydrocarbons, and additional production trains.

Debottlenecking case studies and tech reports

  • Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions
    Onshore Processing Facility Avoids Delayed Production

    Production ExPRESS solutions fast-track delivery of first gas in wells offshore deepwater West Africa. View link button arrow

Pipeline commissioning and maintenance

Pipeline commissioning and maintenance

We enable you to perform more reliable and efficient fluid management tasks associated with pipeline interventions, such as receiving pipeline fluid, diverting fluid as needed, and safely disposing returns. This can also be applied during pipeline decommissioning stages.

Large volumes of single- or multiphase hydrocarbons with varying properties and fluids such as CO2, N2, or fuel can be present in the line during pipeline commissioning or maintenance. With our solution, you can better manage these fluids.

Facility commissioning and maintenance

Facility commissioning and maintenance

We seamlessly integrate our surface well test equipment with existing production facilities to improve performance, or even commission a new facility. The equipment is designed for transportability, connectability, operability, and availability to maintain or increase production, enabling commissioning or maintenance work to continue as planned to avoid delays. During maintenance, our solution enables you to check, inspect, test, and troubleshoot processes to ensure all systems of the plant work per operational requirements.

Facility commissioning and maintenance case studies and tech reports

  • Separator used to process effluents into three phases, with each processed to export specifications.
    Production ExPRESS Solutions Keep Oil Flowing During Facility Upgrade

    Agile solution keeps production flowing during a 2-year facility upgrade, saving 1 million bbl of oil. View link button arrow

  • Production ExPRESS rapid production response solutions
    Interim Production Facility Enables Early Plant Startup

    Production ExPRESS solutions manage and process 1.5 million barrels of oil production, avoiding time delays. View link button arrow

Land rig with green forest in the background.

Zero-Flaring Capabilities

All Production ExPRESS solutions have zero-flaring well test and cleanup capabilities to decarbonize your operations. Zero-flaring well test and cleanup is part of our Transition Technologies portfolio and eliminates the emissions that are normally related to flaring. This emission-reducing solution enables flare-free well testing and cleanup operations with an integrated approach using fit-for-purpose technologies and techniques.

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