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New energy and transition opportunities

Exploring opportunities in low-carbon and carbon-neutral energy technologies

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We launched SLB New Energy in 2020 to apply our domain expertise in areas adjacent to our existing activities and leverage our global footprint and execution platform to realize new energy and transition opportunities at scale. Using partnership models and our experience in technology industrialization, we are expanding into energy verticals beyond oil and gas. The diverse New Energy portfolio includes ventures in carbon capture and sequestration, energy storage, geothermal power, geoenergy for heating and cooling, sustainable battery-grade lithium, and hydrogen as an energy carrier.

Image from the interview with Olivier Le Peuch and Dr. Katharina Beumelburg.

Future of Schlumberger: The New Energy Landscape

CEO Olivier Le Peuch and Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer Katharina Beumelburg discuss the future of oil and gas and the role Schlumberger will play in the new energy landscape.

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Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS)

CCS is critical to advancing decarbonization and achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. SLB is actively progressing CCS technologies and business models to enable widespread adoption. The scope of collaboration goes beyond subsurface requirements to include project economics, technology selection, business models, and permitting.


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In steam methane reforming, capturing the CO2 instead of venting it is key to enabling carbon-free H2 production.
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Clean hydrogen as an energy carrier has huge advantages in a range of industries, including transportation.

Hydrogen as an energy carrier

Genvia is a public-private partnership that combines SLB's expertise and experience with that of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and partners. By accelerating the development and first industrial deployment of the CEA’s high-temperature reversible solid-oxide electrolyzer technology, Genvia aims to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solution for producing clean hydrogen—a versatile energy carrier and key component of the energy transition.

More sustainably produced battery-grade lithium

Our NeoLith Energy technology venture uses a differentiated direct lithium extraction (DLE) process to produce high-purity, battery-grade lithium while reducing the production time from more than a year to a matter of weeks. This unique process is in sharp contrast to conventional evaporative methods of extracting lithium, with a significantly reduced groundwater and physical footprint.


Lithium Production
Through an innovative, sustainable DLE process, NeoLith Energy can generate high-purity, battery-grade lithium material with a reduced environmental footprint.
Celsius Energy
Powered by the Earth

Geoenergy for Heating and Cooling

Celsius Energy is a New Energy venture that uses geoenergy to provide heating and cooling solutions for new or existing construction. Leveraging SLB's extensive knowledge of subsurface behavior, operational automation technology, and deep science expertise, it helps meet global goals for reduced emissions. In 2020, a 60-year-old SLB manufacturing facility in Clamart, France, adopted the renewable geoenergy solution for its heating and cooling requirements, achieving a 60% reduction in energy consumption and 90% decrease in carbon emissions.

Geothermal power

Geothermal power leverages the heat of the Earth; electricity is generated by tapping hot water and steam zones that are continuously recharged, both naturally and by reinjection after heat extraction in the power plant. With decades of expertise in the sector, GeothermEx , a SLB company, provides the full spectrum of geothermal resource development services—from exploration and drilling through to analysis, resource modeling and management, financial modeling, and operational support. This multidisciplinary approach has served the geothermal industry continuously since 1973. In 2021, GeothermEx worked closely with Turkey’s Yerka Electricity Generation Co. to spearhead the country’s electricity generation diversification efforts.

Steam vents in the ground.
Leveraging our leading capabilities for subsurface data analysis, optimized drilling plan development, and integrated management and execution, we help maximize the value of geothermal resources.
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    Carbon Capture and Sequestration
    Emissions-reduction technology

    Remove CO2 and achieve negative emissions, even in hard-to-abate sectors. View link button arrow

  • hydrogen molecule with a bus driving down a road
    Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier
    Clean, safe solution for global decarbonization

    Unlock affordable hydrogen production, energy storage, and fuel applications at scale. View link button arrow

  • Lithium Production
    Sustainable Battery-Grade Lithium
    Technology-driven approach to a responsible supply ecosystem

    Explore new ways to produce and process high-purity lithium with the entire production ecosystem in mind. View link button arrow

  • Tall office buildings from the perspective of looking up
    Geoenergy for Heating and Cooling
    Powered by the Earth

    Heat and cool buildings while reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90%. View link button arrow

  • Geothermal gyser
    Geothermal Power
    Differentiated, well-established source of renewable energy

    Use the heat of the Earth to generate electricity by tapping into hot water and steam zones. View link button arrow