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Gas Treatment

Facilitating the recovery, treatment, and monetization of natural gas

Gas treatment
Gas treatment facility

There are inherent impurities in gas that not only accelerate the corrosion of pipelines and transmission control equipment but lower the heating value of the gas. These impurities must be removed prior to transmitting gas to a processing facility.

Our differentiating technology portfolio and expertise in process design and engineering provide the optimal gas treatment based on the parameters of your specific operation. When you're planning your next front-end engineering and design (FEED) study, we can help you make the most of your opportunity.

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Services from concept through operations

Our global network of experts provides a wide range of services, including conceptual design, project execution, precommissioning, commissioning, operations, remote monitoring, and technical support.

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Acid Gas Treatment

Separate CO₂ and H₂S from saleable natural gas streams with gas sweetening processes.

Use industry-leading technologies for CO₂ and H₂S removal

Acid gas treatment and removal technologies separate sour gases—highly corrosive CO 2 and often deadly H 2 S acid gases—from saleable natural gas streams in a process known as gas sweetening. Once removed, the CO 2 and H 2 S are usually vented in low concentrations, flared, and then reinjected or otherwise properly disposed of. Larger concentrations of CO 2 are recovered and repurposed for enhanced oil recovery applications.
Gas processing facility
  • Amine gas sweetening system
    Amine Gas Treating Systems
    Standard and customized gas-treating designs

    Prepare natural gas for transport and use by removing CO2, H2S, and mercaptans. View link button arrow

  • Apura gas separation membrane for natural gas sweetening via H2S, H2O, and bulk CO2 removal.
    Gas separation membrane

    Natural gas sweetening via H2S, H2O, and bulk CO2 removal. View link button arrow

  • Cynara
    Cynara H2S and CO2 separation membranes

    Separate acid gases from produced natural gas without chemicals. View link button arrow

  • Thiopaq oil and gas biodesulfurization system
    Oil and gas biodesulfurization system

    Convert H2S in gas streams to solid sulfur ready for agriculture or disposal. View link button arrow

  • Production chemicals
    Oil and Gas Production Chemicals and Services
    Maximize production from reservoir to refinery

    Improve and assure production more safely with chemistry technologies, software, and mechanical solutions. View link button arrow

  • Processing Facility in desert
    Process Live Uptime Assurance for Acid Gas Membrane Systems
    Data-enriched performance service

    Improve performance of membrane technology through predictive monitoring and analysis. View link button arrow

Emission Control Systems

Reduce emissions in natural gas facilities to comply with local environmental regulations.

Gas treatment facility

Reduce emission of volatile organic compounds

Our systems enable natural gas facilities to comply with local emissions regulations.
  • NATCO SHV Combustor
    NATCO SHV Combustor
    Internal-burner emission control system

    Achieve >99.9% destruction efficiency for all VOCs by using both flares and incinerators. View link button arrow

  • NATCO SHV flare
    NATCO SHV Flare
    Emission control system

    Comply with environmental regulations. View link button arrow

Glycol Dehydration Systems

Extract water from a natural gas stream to prevent hydrate formation and corrosion within pipelines.

Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Recovery

Increase your revenue while preparing gas to meet pipeline specifications.

Recover valuable hydrocarbon liquids while preparing gas to meet specifications

Our dew point control systems and NGL recovery technologies maximize hydrocarbon recovery from gas streams, increasing profitability.
NGL recovery
  • Condensate stabilizer
    Condensate Stabilizers
    Standardized modular systems for NGL recovery

    Recover valuable hydrocarbons and reduce stock-tank emissions View link button arrow

  • NATCO MRU unit
    Mechanical refrigeration unit

    Improve recovery of heavier hydrocarbon fractions in the inlet gas stream. View link button arrow

Phase Separation

Remove solids and liquids in gas entering a treatment facility before sending to additional processing and purification.

Phase separators

Flexible and highly efficient separation of liquids and solids from gas streams

Gas entering a treatment facility can contain solids and liquids, either as particulates or as a distinct phase, that must be removed before additional processing and purification.
  • Compact three-phase separators
    High-Efficiency Phase Separation Internals
    Enhance separation of oil, gas, sand, and water

    Improve separation of oil, gas, sand, and water while reducing costs and risk. View link button arrow

  • PORTA-TEST WHIRLYSCRUB I Model C separator
    Liquid removal from gases with low liquid loading

    Remove liquids from gas containing low amounts of liquid, with a removal efficiency of 99.99% down to 10 um. View link button arrow

    Solids and liquid removal from gases with moderate amounts of liquids

    Remove solids and liquid from gas containing moderate amounts of liquid, with a removal efficiency of 99.9% down to 10 um. View link button arrow

PREMAX Floating LNG Pretreatment Solution

Lower energy requirements for natural gas liquefaction and increase LNG production and storage capacity.

PUREMEG Reclamation Regeneration

Maximize recovery of monoethylene glycol (MEG) in your hydrate management process.