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Empowering local teams

Meet our network of sustainability champions

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Empowering our local teams to develop road maps to net zero is fundamental to operationalizing sustainability. Equally important is investing in projects that make positive impacts aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals prioritized by local communities. To help support these efforts, we've introduced an employee network of sustainability champions.

The sustainability champions are defining and developing our geography-specific sustainability strategy. They are responsible for the annual sustainability plan and net-zero road map for their respective geographies, as well as for establishing accountability for delivering the plan. They act as enablers—engaging with our teams to develop sustainability projects and better integrate sustainability into operations.

“Sustainability does not happen at a corporate level; it takes place in the business, where our sustainability champions are,” says Katharina Beumelburg, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer. “Our sustainability champions are tailoring what this means to their geographies to make sustainability happen for the company.”

Schlumberger Appoints Dr. Katharina Beumelburg as Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer

Meet some of our sustainability champions

Find out what sustainability means to some of our sustainability champions. More videos will be added regularly, so be sure to check back soon.