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Audit to Optimize

Process systems audit and optimization service

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Whether you need operational support, spare parts, or process equipment assistance, we are still here to support you in this challenging and dynamic environment.

Rely on our 24/7 OEM-quality support for

  • Onshore or offshore operations
  • Process equipment or valves
  • Emergency technical issues
  • Liquids treatment, solids handling, and separation
  • Spare parts
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Improve processing facility performance

The Audit to Optimize process unit audit and optimization service uses our global experience with topside processing equipment to improve your facility operations. Service engineers analyze your operations, review the full process train of equipment, and deliver tailored recommendations to optimize or upgrade your facility.

Collect information and inspect equipment

Before the audit, our engineers investigate your facility and equipment history, gathering information about current and past performance. They review process optimization opportunities, immediate troubleshooting challenges, bottlenecks, and spare parts stocks.

During the audit, we speak with your operations team to understand facility issues and maintenance routines and determine likely future requirements. We also inspect all installed equipment to determine the baseline performance.

Schlumberger worker performing maintenance at a processing facility.
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Services from concept through operations

Our global network of experts provides a wide range of services, including conceptual design, project execution, precommissioning, commissioning, operations, remote monitoring, and technical support.

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Optimize equipment, maintenance, and operations

The outcome of the Audit to Optimize service is a bespoke report detailing production performance improvements, recommended spare parts holdings, details of potential equipment upgrades, and software to facilitate surveillance and optimization using existing datastreams to provide quantitative intelligence. Depending on your needs and problems, the report contents can include recommendations for

  • process performance monitoring
  • troubleshooting operating problems
  • debottlenecking
  • process or equipment optimization
  • preventive maintenance
  • equipment upgrades to meet current or future requirements
  • contents, management, and control of spare parts inventory.

Support process operations with monitoring

To support ongoing maintenance and operations, we use a secure edge-enabled IIoT device connecting your distributed control system (DCS) or SCADA system to the cloud. Then, our engineers monitor performance using live datasets, avoiding manual transfer to facilitate faster interpretation. After evaluating the process nonconformities and modeling the physical and chemical nature of the issue, we automate alerts and enable prognostic health monitoring.